2010 – Sweet relationship

2010 8211 Sweet relationship

Sweet Relationship – A marriage of tradition and art

“The idea for the opportunity quilt came in early fall of 2007. The desire was for a truly traditional quilt to honor the traditions of the past, and all those who love that aspect of quilting. The layout was designed in EQ6, and the fabric purchased on a trip down into Florida in November. What a shop hop! When this idea was mentioned to some guild members, the comment was ‘well, there will be nothing for me, because I do art quilts.’ Back on went the thinking cap, to find a way to marry these two aspects of quilting. Our quilt, which has many hours of work from many guild members is the result. It is both art quilt and traditional. It is 80.5 inches square. Made of 100% cotton with Tuscany Wool Batting. Has piecing, appliqué, hand painting, long arm quilting and hand quilting”. _ Angie Madden