Pumpkin Crayon Challenge 2018

1. Size must be 16” X16” no bigger no smaller.

2. Must have at least one pumpkin shape on the front of the quilt. You can have more than one pumpkin shape.

3. One pumpkin must be: made out of fabric and must read the color of the crayon; when colored on a piece of white paper. (Crayons for this challenge are randomly drawn.) This pumpkin has to be the largest and must be easy to recognize.

4. Must have one visible/recognizable embellishment on the front of the quilt. Acceptable embellishments: Beads, Buttons, Chains, Jewelry, Sequins, Trim of sorts i.e. – ribbon, yarn, rick rack, lace

5. Turn in will be at the September meetings. Voting will take place and prizes will be awarded. Prize winning quilts from the 1st meeting can be shown at the 2nd meeting but will be ineligible for additional prizes.