Meetings and Programs

Day Program

Published on 07/10/15

Day Meeting — February 25th, 9:30 a.m. This month we meet on the 25th for a great program on, as Becky Dietz says, the wonderful world of WOOL. Here’s what Becky wants you to know about this program:

The world of wool is full of diverse possibilities, even for those of us living in Florida! Use wool as an embellishment or as an entire quilt. Combine wool with fabric or use it by itself. Wool can be at home next to primitive pieces or it can coordinate with brights and modern styling – and lots of other genres of quilting. At the February day meeting, Angie Madden, Becky Dietz, and Roslyn Guyette will team together to present a glimpse of those possibilities from the dyeing and the stitching process all the way through to the finished projects – large and small. An added benefit of adding wool to your stitching repertoire is that this will give you a great way to use all of those amazing embroidery stitches that we are going to be learning each month at guild!

On Thursday, Feb. 25th, bring your crazy quilt stitch sewing kit, bring your finished Boutique items (I challenged you, remember?), and get ready to be amazed, enlightened, and entertained by Becky, Angie, and Roslyn! ALSO, if you have wool quilts, wall hangings, or other items in wool, please bring them to share with the guild during the program part of the meeting. Thanks! Marilyn Stefani, & Marcy Reese , First Vice President s