Thanks to all who remember to wear a nametag! If you forget, please help yourself to a “temporary” one when you sign in. If you would like to order a nametag with the PQG logo just check for details at the membership table. Remember that heat is the enemy of our nametags – keep them out of hot cars!

If you have not picked up a 2018 Membership Handbook, please do so. There is a lot of information about our group as well as member names, addresses, phone numbers and even some birthdays! If you can’t get to a meeting consider asking a friend to collect yours. Feel free to let me know (call or email) to double the “chance of remembering”!

We continue to work on getting everyone on the email list to receive information. If you are having trouble please call or email either Sue O’Brien or myself. It might help to ask a friend to email you when they receive something – maybe even forward it to you. Two copies would be better than none!

Happy Stitching,

Alice McKinney, Membership Chair