Thru the Eye of the Needle

From the President

At the beginning of each new year, I take some time to think about what I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. One of my goals is to do a good job as your president, involving you in quilting related activities, and providing you with opportunities to learn and grow. To accomplish this goal, there are a team of guild members to support me. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions as the year progresses.

It’s been shown that the more specific you are in stating your goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. That said, one of my personal quilting goals is to spend 15 minutes three times a week free motion quilting. It’s also been noted that sharing your goal(s) with others, increases you success rate. Why not take some time to look at where you’d like to go with your quilting, and set a few goals? Share them with a friend. Talk about your goals periodically and how you are moving toward achieving them.

I look forward to working and learning with all of you this year. We have some interesting programs and workshops planned for you, some excit- ing guest teachers, and of course , the quilt show. So here’s to a productive year!

Patti Struck, President  New attached image

A Holiday Thank You

Thanks to your generosity, we donated 110 pillow cases and 90 gift cards to the Children’s Home Society. They were thrilled and grateful.

Patti Struck, Project Coordinator

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Greetings from Tish, Carol and Martha! Please be sure have your $20 Membership dues in hand at the January Meetings, if you have not registered for 2014. There are almost 100 that have not registered so please be patient at the meetings. The deadline for making the Directory and the Quilt Show is on January 31. (A Guild rule, set before we joined the Guild). We will send the information to the printer first thing February 1st. So if we don’t have the information, you won’t be in there. Volunteers are welcome and needed at the sign in table and the Membership tables for Day and Night Meetings. It is a wonderful way to speak to everyone and get to know other members. We have a lot of fun and look forward to getting to know y’all.

Carol Majors, Tish Overly, & Martha Sparks Membership Co-Chairs

Quilt Show

The quilt show committee met on Monday the 13th as we entered into the final trimester of preparation for show delivery. So much done, so much yet to be done!

First, finish your quilts. Sue Rivait will be handing out registration forms at the meetings in January and February and will be asking for firm commitments for the show. If you know it is done or will be done, TAKE A FORM! The deadline for registering your quilt(s) is March 15. The ribbons are done, vendors are coming, publicity is forthcoming (check out our Facebook page! Do you Pinterest? How about Twitter?) Can you participate in a bed-turning? Are you willing to help during the judging process? Do you have a donation for the boutique or Chinese Auction? Can you climb a ladder? Are you friendly and outgoing? WE HAVE A JOB FOR YOU! It takes 100 members EVERY day the show is up to man all of the spots necessary to make the show run smoothly. Please volunteer—we NEED you! And it is only 3 months away…..

Karen Williamson & JoAnn McKeithan Co-Chairs

Quilt Show Boutique

The Guild is now collecting quilting books and magazines for the 2014 Quilt Show to sell in the boutique to support our guild. If you have any books or gently-read magazines you would like to donate a box will be placed by the souvenir block display for collection each month or you may contact me directly. And if you are already ahead of the game and have made items for the Boutique to sell, I’ll be happy to take those as well. If each mem- ber contributes two items, we’ll have a bountiful selection for all the shoppers we expect. Thank you!

Anne Connor, Boutique Chairman

Quilt Show Registration

I will be handing out forms starting at the January meetings! If you are an ―early bird‖ and you are finished with your quilts, bring your information and we will fill out your forms at the meeting. Required information: the quilt’s width/length, quilt name/description, and a 3×5 photo of the quilt. The $5 dollar entry fee helps defray insurance expenses and judging fees. If you are new to the guild and this is your first show, no worries. At the January Meetings we will tell you how much fun and how easy it is. First thing is you have to make a quilt! It can be quilted by someone else, or it can be made by more than three people (collaborative) or you can do it all yourself. Your quilt will be categorized according to:

  • How the top was constructed – Pieced, Applique, Mixed (both) or Other (painted, red work)
  • How the quilt was quilted – Hand, Machine (Home Sewing Machine, Long Arm Machine, Computerized Machine)
  • Special Categories – Miniatures, Collaborative, Two-person quilt, Theme (In Full Bloom) or Kits/BOM.
  • Size of quilt – Small, Medium, or Large

You can enter up to five quilts per person; the last day to turn in your paperwork is March 15th. Your quilt needs to be finished by Saturday, April 5th, which is Quilt Take-In day at the Wright Place; quilt take-in is from 8 am to 12 pm that Saturday morning. Judging occurs at the Wright place on Monday or Tuesday, then on Wednesday all quilts travel to the fairgrounds for hanging. The Show is Friday and Saturday, April 11 & 12, and on Saturday at 6 pm you come and pick up your quilts.

This is just a quick overview, you will get more details at the meetings and on the website. THE Most Important Thing now is making your quilts, getting them quilted and getting ready for the show. Each quilt will need a hanging sleeve on the back, labels sewed on (I will give you those) and a fabric bag/pillowcase for each quilt to keep it clean. The sooner we can get the paperwork done, the sooner we can complete the catalog for printing and get the quilt sizes and descriptions to our set-up people to develop the lay-out of the show.

I have a limited number of forms, so be sure you have a quilt finished for each form. Come to the meeting for more information about show and get sewing, I know you can do it. Call or speak to me if you need anymore information.

Susan Rivait, Quilt Show Registration

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Day Chapter – January 23rd, 9:30 AM

Our January program will be: ―Everything you need to know about our Quilt Show and entering your quilts. Please come prepared with your questions. A panel of experts will be presenting the needed information.

We have some exciting speakers and programs planned for this year. You will not want to miss a single meeting! If you have ideas for programs or speakers, if you would like to get more involved, please drop me an email or give me a call. We want your input!

Joyce Thompson, 1st Vice President

Night Chapter – January 27th, 6:30 PM

Happy New Year! To start it off right we first want to give thanks to Lynn Waters for sharing her time and talent with us and leading the night time meetings for the past two years! Just trying to plan things out, we have come to realize how much Lynn took on, and are so glad to have one another to share this responsibility. We are so lucky to have guild members, such as Lynn, who are brave enough to stand up and share their time and talent. We challenge you all to find your opportunity to share your time and creative gifts in this new year, and offer thanks to those who are brave enough to help us all to be better quilters!

First up to bat this year is Voe Nelson, who will be presenting a program to help us all to get the scraps out, get organized, and make a lot of leftovers into a fabulous four patch! Having just survived the holidays, I am sure we are all to familiar with being stumped with what to do with leftovers! Thanks, Vo for providing this month’s inspiration and sharing your time and talent! It’s 2014, the year of our quilt show, let’s all use this year to learn, share and grow in our knowledge.

Hoping to keep you in stitches throughout this year,

Katy Fournie & Barbara Emmons, 2nd Vice Presidents  New attached image

Community Quilts at Martelli’s Friday, February 7th

Please join us at Martelli’s Fabrics and Quilting, 5450 North W Street, Pensacola First Friday of each month at 9:30 AM

We met on Jan 3 and we were very productive. We made 20 flannel sheets for the premies at Sacred Heart NICU. We put together three quilt tops for Habitat for Humanity using new pat- terns that I found on the Internet. They worked up quickly and they are very pretty! We had a pair of granddaughters on Christmas break come with grandma and help us sort out squares for 4-patch blocks. Grandma sewed them up and we made enough blocks for two kid’s quilts. Great job girls! We also got into the flannel scrap bag and cut out five inch squares for a scrap- py baby quilt. Thanks to everyone that came out in the cold.

Community Quilts produced 341 quilts for our selected charities in 2013. According to available guild records; that is the most the guild has ever done. Great job everyone! If you have any unfinished quilts or finished ones from last year, please bring them to the next meeting. If you would like to de-clutter your sewing room, lose the guilt and gain some freedom; bring any fabric, scraps, UFO’s, PIGS (Projects-in-Grocery-Sacks), any stuff that is ―taking up space‖ in your sewing area and you don’t want or use or finish anymore to Community Quilts and we will finish and repurpose it for you. Sometimes you just need a little open space, to get sewing again.


Susan Rivait, Community Quilts Chair

Community Quilts at Suzanne’s Thursday, February 20, 10 am to 3 pm

Community Quilts for Habitat will resume meeting on Thursday, February 20 at 10am at the home of Suzanne Wernick. Quilt tops will be constructed and prepared for quilting. This is a PQG project and the new homeowners are very appreciative of our thoughtful donations. Our motto at home dedications is ‘The quilt is the heart of the home’.

Any of you who may have a quilt top that you wish to donate to this project, please bring to January meeting and give to Susan Rivait. We will see that it will be finished and donated. A youth or twin bed size is best but we will accept any size. Hope to see you at our workshop. As always, lunch will be served. Please call Suzanne so that she may plan for the day.

Happy New Year! – Suzanne Wernick, Co-Chair, Community Quilts at Suzanne’s

New Member Spotlight

Please introduce yourself to these new members!

Joe Holmes – A man of few words, Joe joins Butch Borowski as a manly member of our female-dominated group. Joe holds both a B.S and M.Ed. degrees in education and has spent the past 36 years in the field of education, trying to help educate the youth of today and the future. Joe’s wife, Doris, is also a member of the guild. So introduce yourself to Doris, one of our new librarians, and Joe. (he’s the guy!)

Andrea Wraalstad – Andrea moved to Pensacola in May 2011 after living and working as an HR Manager for the DOD in Greece and Germany from 2003-2011. Andrea is not new to Pensacola as her first active-duty tour was here following graduation from boot camp back in the late 70’s. She now calls Innerarity Island her home and is eager to get to work quilting some wall-hangings for her new home. She began sewing as a teenager, using a Singer Fashionmate 237 and only donated it to Goodwill a year ago! She inherited her grandmother’s 1940’s-era Singer 66-16 in 1988 but never used it until this summer, after having Bob at Darrell’s refurbish it. She has only sewn home decorations and odds and ends so far. Andrea became interested in quilting through two close friends (quilters here and in Jackson- ville), and is taking a beginner’s course at A&E this month. She also has a pineapple quilt wall hanging started and is eager to learn all about the quilting world—When she is not sewing, she is an avid scuba diver, having logged over 600 dives and diving every weekend from Apr to Nov. She is also a good person to talk to about your trip to Europe as she is well versed in international travel there!

Workshops – 2014

Monday and Tuesday, March 24 & 25, 2014; Judy Neimeyer

This class is full with a short waiting list. If you are registered, you should have received an email with the supply list and pre-class instructions. Please let me know if you have not received the email.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 ; Cindy Erickson

Our Quilt Show judge, will be teaching two half- day classes. Each class will be $25. The classes are Flying Swallows and/or Amish meets Batik. Registration will begin in January. Please visit her website for more information on the classes and to get to know our quilt show judge.

October 2014

Phillipa Naylor is coming. I urge you to hit your Google button to acquaint yourself with this awesome quilter’s work!

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More information coming soon.

Thank you for supporting Workshops. – Joyce Cobb, Workshop Chair

Souvenir Blocks

We had four members participating this month, turning in a total of 42 blocks. I have started putting the blocks together into kits. If you would like to contribute more blocks, they are more than welcome. Just leave them at the display at the next meeting. Thank you.

Patti Struck, Souvenir Block Chairperson

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January 2014