Quilt Show

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2016 Quilt Show Circle of Friends

April 15 & 16, 2016, is fast-approaching! The Opportunity Quilt is finished and tickets are being sold at our monthly meetings. As in the past we are asking all members to sell at least $20 worth of tickets. Please see Davie Milsted or Mary Evans to pick up (and pay for) your tickets. Joyce Cobb is developing a list of venues to display the quilt and hopefully sell tickets. Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. The quilt has been appraised and we are in the process of insuring it before it “travels”.

Carolyn Milligan has already filled the vendors booths – some repeats but many new ones! Herbie Morin is collecting items for the Chinese Auction, and Jeanne Chandler (c/o Barbara Doster) is collecting fabrics and scraps for the boutique! Sandy Hill is working on the design for award ribbons, This year we are adding a new ribbon: Best in Show. The winner of this award will be selected by the quilt judge from all blue-ribbon-winning quilts. Unlike the Meticulous Workmanship Award, the winning quilt does not need to be entirely made by one member and winning it does not preclude the winner from being eligible to win it in future quilt shows. Our quilt take-in and judging committee (shepherded by Jolene Kneemiller) is working on developing procedures to make this area run smoothly. Since no records or forms, and little information was available from previous shows, they are building this area from scratch! Hard work, but can’t think of anyone more capable than Joyce Thompson, Karen Williamson, JoAnn McKeithan, Barbara Doster, and Jolene!

We have added (changed?) a booth this year. Roslyn Guyette and Lynn Waters will be designing our Education Booth which will encompass Community Quilts, Traveling Blocks, Membership, and what the mission of our Guild is. They are both very creative and I’m anxious to see what they do with this area.

The Show Committees are working hard to make this show a success, but we need the cooperation and support of every Guild Member to make this “work”. If you see a committee you would like to help on or learn more about, please contact the Chairperson of that committee, or myself, and ask questions!

Linda Kehagias, Quilt Show Chair