Quilt Show 2016

Wow! In just about a month registration forms for quilts to be entered in the show are due—and the show is just about two months away! Time is flying by so I hope you are putting the finishing touches on your quilt entries now – that will give you a little more time to work on the two quilted donations for the boutique and maybe an item for the Chinese Auction; and don’t forget 2 ½” strips and 5” squares (or larger) for the Playpen Scramble.

A lot of work and preparation has gone into this Show and I’ve been blessed with a great team that has gone above and beyond! And now we need your help to make it a success. Please sign up for at least one of the many spots available to work during judging and the Show. If you have entered a quilt, you need to work at least one shift at the show. If you are consigning items in the Boutique you must sign up for a shift. Needless to say, if you have entered a quilt and have things consigned in the Boutique, you will need to work at least two shifts. We need approximately 100 volunteers on both days of the Show to help it run smoothly. Be sure to get you quilt registration forms from Karen Williamson or JoAnn McKeithan.

I hope you are as excited about this Show as our Committee is. Our Opportunity Quilt has been well received everywhere Joyce Cobb has been able to have it displayed. We have already sold around $3,000 worth of tickets – well on our way to the $4,908 of tickets sold at the 2014 Show.

Our next Quilt Show meetings will be February 9th, March 1st and April 5th – all at 6:00 p.m. at Joyce Cobb’s house.

See you at our February meetings! Linda Kehagias, Quilt Show 2016 Chairman