Quilt Show

2016 quilt show logo

2016 Quilt Show Circle of Friends

Things are really coming together for our quilt show. Sherri Lefmann has designed a beautiful logo for our show. Our opportunity quilt is almost finished and it is stunning. If you are a fan of applique, you are going to love this quilt. Carolyn Milligan is signing up awesome vendors for your shopping experience. Joyce Cobb has secured a special exhibit that not only shows how quilts can impact our lives but how much they bring us together in the making of and gifting of quilts.

There has been much talk about the “theme quilt” and it has been decided that theme quilts must contain a circle design in the piecing. Circle quilting although it may add to the overall quilt, is not necessary to be included in this category. Please keep in mind “Circle of Friends” when picking or designing your quilt pattern.

If you are using a pattern you have purchased or one you are copying from a magazine or book, you do not need to get permission from the publisher or de-signer but you must acknowledge the designer in your description of the quilt.

REMEMBER you must pay your dues for 2015 by April 30, 2015 and pay your dues for 2016 by January 31, 2016 to have your quilts included in our show.

There are still some unfilled chair positions that are necessary for a successful show. PLEASE PLEASE contact me and I will explain the duties of the posi-tions and help you be successful if you choose to accept a job.

Linda Kehagias, Quilt Show Chair